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Instructions After Tooth Extraction

The following are instructions to be followed after having a tooth extracted. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Stellar Dentistry or you doctor.

How To Prevent A Dry Socket

The first 48 hours after the surgery are the most critical when it comes to having teeth extracted. After the tooth is extracted, the “bone socket” (where the tooth was) fills with blood, in normal cases that blood hardens and forms a blood clot covering the “socket”.

If that blood clot is removed, dissolved, or tampered with, the bony socket becomes exposed and dry, hence the name “Dry socket”. You do not want to experience that pain, I promise.

How Can I Keep The Blood Clot in Place?

Your main focus should be on keeping the blood clot in place and allow for optimal healing by following the following instructions:

  • No Exercise, heavy lifting, stress, or anything that raises your heart rate the first 24 Hours. Why? Increasing heart rate will increase blood flow to the area, our focus during the first 24 hours is to stop the bleeding and stabilize the blood clot.

  • No Pressure build up in your mouth for the first 48 hours. Why? Any type of pressure will remove the blood clot. That means no spitting, vigorous rinsing or sucking movements including using a straw, sucking hot soup off a spoon, smoking, and yes kissing, “doctor’s orders”.

  • Absolutely NO Smoking for a minimum of 4 days after your surgery. Why? Smoking also causes your blood vessels to constrict, which means less fresh blood in the area ==> slower healing ==> dry socket.

  • No hot fluids or food for the first 48 hours. Why? Hot fluids or food will dissolve the blood clot ==> Dry exposed bony socket ==> “Dry Socket”


In Short,

  • No work same day of surgery, no smoking, no workout, no stress, raise your feet and enjoy some Netflix, Hulu or HBO, did I mention no smoking?
  • No Hot, spicy, crunchy, food in the first 48 hours, stick to soft cold food. Soup is perfect, just make sure it’s cold and no sucking! You guessed it, no smoking. Perfect food here is Ice Cream! woo-hoo!
  • Dry Socket pain is severe, and usually starts 2-3 days after extraction. Contact your Dentist immediately if you believe you have a dry socket or if you have any other issues or concerns, oh and before I forget, NO SMOKING.