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A porcelain crown is a restorative option for compromised teeth. When a tooth has fractured, broken or cracked, it may need to be crowned. Porcelain crowns aren’t just cosmetically appealing, but they can be restorative to your oral health. When a crown is placed, it improves your ability to chew and eat while taking care of any rough and jagged edges of a tooth that has broken.

A porcelain crown is often needed when a tooth has broken or fractured. Teeth can break at virtually any time and for a variety of reasons. A tooth that has a large filling may crack and break as well as a tooth that has recently had a root canal. Even something as simple as biting down into a hard piece of food can crack or break a tooth.

Dr. Hennawi will administer local anesthetic to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. We then file down the down that will need to be crowned to make room for the restoration. An impression is taken to make both a temporary as well as a permanent crown. You will go home the same day with a temporary crown over the tooth and will need to come back in for the permanent to be placed. The second appointment involves removing the temporary and placing the actual crown. We will make slight adjustments to the bite and fit so that the new restoration is comfortable for you.


If you need a new porcelain crown and would like to know more about this procedure, call us now and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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